Bear Blend

Bear Blend

Redefining How Herbs are enjoyed

It was clear from the beginning that Bear Blend is more than just an herbal smoking blend. After developing the brand design, store and social media platform with them and watching the sales climb month over month, it became obvious that Bear Blend is quickly escalating into a lifestyle.

Bear Blend


The product is an herbal blend. The process is unique and proprietary. And this brand had to immediately position itself in the hearts and minds of smokers everywhere. It had to jump out and hold its own on the store next to American Spirit. So that is what we set out to do.

What we did

Brand Strategy

Website Copy
Brand Elements
Market Positioning
Brand Style
Sales Page and Deck

Marketing Media

Sales Materials
Podcast Design
Sales Strategy

Digital Media

Website UI/UX
Design and Development
Hosting & Maintenance
Technical Support
Testimonial Organization

Website Design & Development

Fully responsive interactive website encouraging users to sign up for a free demo of the product and/or attend a webinar about the product. Site is built with a CMS allowing the client to edit and maintain content.

View Live Site

Logo and Infographic Design

Incorporating a native feel, while remaining tasteful. 

Highlighting the importance of nature, plants, and our native history.

COPY WRITING and Sales Strategy

From website and social copy to forging a new market, we did it all.