Talent Retention for Enterprise Teams

CompEdge™ delivers a team approach to talent retention.

CompEdge brings together the 4 key stakeholders of retention: managers, employees, HR-People and executives into one platform. Their retention management platform is built on employee experience, compensation and team feedback and is based on years of industry research and real-time data analysis.  The company was founded by Rich Lear, the key stakeholder from Vantage Partners who has operated as a premium executive level talent scout for the last 30 years.


Apollo Factor came to us with their new software that was developed for compensation tracking and talent retention across emerging technology based companies. We helped them decide on the name and market strategy direction for their new online and mobile application. CompEdge gives enterprise customers the competitive edge they need to acquire and retain top talent and ensure continued growth in a hyper-competitive marketplace.

What sets this application apart from other HR tools is the automated retention risk monitor. This tool tracks over 30 data points in real-time to constantly asses the likelihood of any attrition. This tool is already being implemented in several enterprise applications with astounding accuracy.

What we did

Brand Strategy

New Logo
Tagline Copy
Copy strategy

Marketing Media

Lottie Videos
Explainer Videos
Content Strategy
Print Materials

Digital Media

Website UI/UX
App UI/UX Support
Design and Development
Hosting & Maintenance
Technical Support
International Data Privacy

Website Design & Development

Fully responsive interactive website encouraging users to sign up for a free demo of the product and/or attend a webinar about the product. Site is built with a CMS allowing the client to edit and maintain content.

View Live Site


We produced a several infographics for visual support in website content.

Logo Design

We designed a simple and professional logo within the same style guide as the parent brand logo.  

Video Production

A couple of logo animations and an animated explainer video.


We consulted with the technical team of product developers and combined their thoughts with the ideas from the sales and marketing teams to generate the copy for the website. Same copy was also used in marketing, social media, and email campaigns.