Building Brands as a Culture Movement
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Building a Brand is all about creating a culture. We don't build brands. We build movements.


From business development to brand to marketing to story telling. We have a strategy for your success.


Make your website stand out. We will find what makes it uniquely yours.


Quality connections that ripple outward ensure your growth & success.


"Anthony Bear is a very creative thinker. From strategy to design to messaging, he has a way of putting together a great plan and executing it. Humanity media is a great resource for anyone looking to build or revive a brand."
~Michael Leifer
Fairfax, CA
"When I met the guys from Humanity Media, we were paying thousands in google adwords and getting nowhere. But after they worked on our site and SEO, we are #1 in the organic search for our area and doing great."
~Raymond Mohler
Lynbrook, NY
"I came to Humanity Media with little more than pages of writing and a sketched out logo idea. They helped me to find my name and build my brand, and I have since been published in Dot Complicated and Huffinton Post. I go to them whenever I meet someone looking to start a business or redesign a website."
~Joree Rosenblatt
Danville, CA
"Humanity Media has become my go to for all of my clients technical needs. From a small problem solving fix to a large development project, they have always done a great job."
~Christopher Damon
Austin, TX

Our Mission

We are all humans - well wild animals really, domesticated wild animals - that are now trying to cope with technology. We are not organically predisposed to understanding technology, but now it is becoming second nature. Children are growing up with iPhones and Facebook accounts.

Our mission is to maintain the humanity in your business, the spirit in your brand, the passion in your work and the culture in your technology.

  • Humans with a Facebook Account 20% 20%
  • Adults in US with a Smart Phone 68% 68%
  • Percentage of Teens who Go Online Daily 92% 92%
  • Average Annual Increase of Data Storage 43% 43%
Anthony Bear

Anthony Bear


Anthony Bear has a masters degree in Mathematics from Ohio University and is the founder and CEO of Humanity Media. He has over 10 years experience in design, brand strategy, marketing and web development. He will be consulting with you and your team to explore the heart of your story.

Jeffrey Bean

Jeffrey Bean

Creative Director

Jeffrey Bean is a musician, painter and graphic artist. He has been making things beautiful for most of his life and continues to do so in digital platforms. He will be running the creative team that will be bringing your project to life.

Jax Harrison

Jax Harrison

Senior Vice President, PR and Media Relations

Jax Harrison is our organizational champion and PR, media queen. She will help to navigate many aspects of your project from the organization to the activation. She will help craft the message for the masses and get it to them on a shiny silver plate.