Indigo Children

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Indigo Children is an online resource for todays indigo generation. It is a lifestyle brand and magazine blog that features articles on lifestyle choices, healthy living and astrology. The site has been an ongoing collaboration with its founder and pioneer, Abby Oliver, and has been growing by leaps and bounds since its inception. We worked on the design and copy for the site from its early days as a logo. The site has three different authors that contribute regularly and automatically creates weekly emails in MailChimp through an rss feed. The site also has a very popular "take the test to see if you are indigo" with an automatic calculation and autoresponder. Currently the site is getting over 60k in monthly traffic.

This site is also 100% responsive.



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By Anthony Bear
Anthony Bear is an entrepreneur, musician, writer and the ultimate creative nerd. He is the founder of Humanity Media Inc., Bear Blend LLC, and Herbal Intelligence. And when he has spare time, he likes to write music and hang out with his family in San Diego.


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