Setting up an imap email on your iPhone

Setting up an imap email on your iPhone

Here is a brief tutorial on how to use your new email address on your iPhone.


Step 1

Find your way to your settings menu.
Hopefully you don't have more than 30,000 unread emails in your inbox already as I do ;-( ...


Step 2

Look for your Mail settings menu.
So far so good.


Step 3

Add a New Account.
Easy... Moving on now


Step 4

Select "Other Account".
For iCould, Google, Microsoft exchange, Aol and Outlook emails the setup is way easier and probably does not need a tutorial as you will soon see.


Step 5

You just want the first option here ... add a mail account.


Step 6

Ok, now for the juicy stuff. The first field "Name" will be the name that people will see when they receive your email. The "Email" and "Password" are of course self-explanatory. The "Description" will be how the account shows up on your iPhone.
You can change all this later in the settings as well so don't worry if you don't know exactly what you want it to be yet.


Step 7

You really want to select IMAP in this case to make sure that any activity on your phone will also appear on your computer and ipad etc.
The difference between IMAP and POP is essentially that for IMAP you will be moving files around on the server where as for POP you will just be pushing and pulling from the server. To understand this more completely read this link.


Step 8

For hostname if your website is hosted with bluehost, you will find your box number in your bluehost cpanel settings. You can also use your domain as your server (i.e. in this case) but it is best to use the box number to avoid any certificate issues. If you are using a different hosting platform, you can probably use something like Check your host server for details.


Step 9

After you his enter, it make take several minutes for your account to verify. The reason it takes so long is because the service is looking for the appropriate port for your incoming and outgoing servers. On mac mail and outlook you can define the specific port to speed up this process. Once it has been verified you should see a screen like this. At this point your mail is set up. Follow the next 5 steps to make sure that your phone is synced with your desktop, in other words when you delete a message on your phone you want it to get deleted on your desktop as well.


Step 10

You have to go back to your mail settings page. You should now see your account on the list. Click on your new account name. In our case it was BEAR Music.


Step 11

On this screen you want to click on your account name ... follow the red arrow.


Step 12

This screen is a where you are able to change all sorts of settings for your new email on your iPhone. Scroll all the way down this screen to the last option where it says "Advanced" and click there.


Step 13

Here you simply have to assign your Drafts to go to the drafts folder on your server (in stead of your phone) and the trash to go to the trash folder on your sever, etc. This way, the information will get filed away on your server and therefore all of these changes will be reflected on your desktop as well. I hope this helps you get set up. Leave any comments below if you get stuck and I will try to answer them. Thanks.

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