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Humanity Media was initiated from the idea of Harmonic Humanity - a non-profit group dedicated to helping uplift the less fortunate through the generous donations of conscious musicians.  Our first project as a new business was the production of this new compilation CD to benefit the homeless.  For this production we undertook the following:

  • Contract Preparation - We created release forms for the copyright protected musical and artistic works that were used.
  • Music Selection - We chose from a huge pool of potential artists, 17 tracks which followed the theme and individuals who supported the mission of Harmonic Humanity.
  • CD Design - We worked directly with the printers, designing the concept and final artwork for the CD cover.
  • Marketing - We also helped Harmonic Humanity to brand this CD concept across other print materials such as flyers, handouts, business cards, and websites.
  • Social Networking - We forwarded a plan for Harmonic Humanity to increase its outreach and sales by working closely with the artists featured to expand the outreach to their social networks.
Take a listen to the music selection here.
[mp3player width=600 height=400 config=relief-xml.xml playlist=relief-xml-xml.xml]
By Anthony Bear
Anthony Bear is an entrepreneur, musician, writer and the ultimate creative nerd. He is the founder of Humanity Media Inc., Bear Blend LLC, and Herbal Intelligence. And when he has spare time, he likes to write music and hang out with his family in San Diego.


  1. Joseph Jacques

    Such a Beautiful Life.. yes it is.. Bear, yes it is…thanks for the reminder..

    • A.j. Lovewins

      Thanks for calling to check on the numbers in Seattle today JJ!

  2. Anthony Singing Bear

    You guys think its cool that we can just sit here and listen to the album? You think I should just post the excerpts?


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