Humanity Media was initiated from the idea of Harmonic Humanity - a non-profit group dedicated to helping uplift the less fortunate through the generous donations of conscious musicians.  Our first project as a new business was the production of this new compilation CD to benefit the homeless.  For this production we undertook the following:

  • Contract Preparation - We created release forms for the copyright protected musical and artistic works that were used.
  • Music Selection - We chose from a huge pool of potential artists, 17 tracks which followed the theme and individuals who supported the mission of Harmonic Humanity.
  • CD Design - We worked directly with the printers, designing the concept and final artwork for the CD cover.
  • Marketing - We also helped Harmonic Humanity to brand this CD concept across other print materials such as flyers, handouts, business cards, and websites.
  • Social Networking - We forwarded a plan for Harmonic Humanity to increase its outreach and sales by working closely with the artists featured to expand the outreach to their social networks.
Take a listen to the music selection here.
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