Joree Rose

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Joree Rose

This fully customized site is 100% responsive is a child theme for the twenty thirteen wordpress factory theme and is 100% responsive to every size device. This theme features an animated html5 slider with images and moving text which is perfectly functional and viewable on a phone or pad. This customized theme also features a front end administrative form where the sites administrator can add their own which populate to the site automatically. Further, old events will become automatically archived after their dates have passed.
A few other features of this site include: an animated Amazon affiliate gallery to display her suggested reading list, an email signup form that connects directly to MailChimp, a multicolored display with each featured page having different banner colors.

Further, we worked with Joree to design a fantastic 20 page poetic introduction to her practice which we had printed at The booklet features a full color design with brilliant mindfulness instruction on every page.

We also worked with Joree to complete and stylize her logo and branding. Joree has already been published on several websited including Zuckerberg's dot complicated. Way to go Joree.




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By Anthony Bear
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