Compilation CD: One the Event

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For this Project - We did the following:

  • Designed the CD Cover
  • Worked with Discmakers to have the CDs Printed and Sent to the Fulfillment Company
  • Selected the Artists, Songs and the Song Order to Go Along with the Theme of the Event
  • Created Connection to the Event to Invite Artists to Perform Live
  • Created and Officiated Contracts with the Artists
  • Mastered the CD
  • Maintained Relations with Artists and Paid Necessary Licensing Fees
Take a listen to the CD Here

[mp3player width=600 height=400 config=fmp_jw_widget_config.xml playlist=fmp_jw_widget_playlist.xml]

By Anthony Bear
Anthony Bear is an entrepreneur, musician, writer and the ultimate creative nerd. He is the founder of Humanity Media Inc., Bear Blend LLC, and Herbal Intelligence. And when he has spare time, he likes to write music and hang out with his family in San Diego.


  1. Connie Baxter Marlow

    This was a GREAT event! Impeccably high vibe!

    • Connie Baxter Marlow

      Check out this CD. The songs are WONDERFUL!!!

  2. Laura-May Culver

    Erik gave me a copy and it is soooo beautiful!

    • Laura-May Culver

      our Theo Dore Theo Dore's 'There is only One of Us Here' is on here!


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